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 Ogame Automizer

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he runs with poison... and laggs !
he runs with poison... and laggs  !

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PostSubject: Ogame Automizer   Wed Sep 19 2007, 04:53

Evo jedna fina Alatka, skinite pa probajte Very Happy

Features :
- Sounds alert (attack, spying, new message, your attack is arriving to destination)
- E-mail you, if attacked
- Customized Sounds (Place your Hard Core .mp3 in "MySoundsWhenI'mAttacked" to play them when you are attacked)
- Production Statistics
- Fleets movements
- Runtime overview of all planets (production and fleets)
- Automazed invest with Construction Queue
- Automazed transport fleet sending
- Players Data Base
- Spy players activity
- Integrated Internet Browser
- Languages support
- Proxy connection supported
- Bot activity scheduler



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Ogame Automizer
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